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 The Jefferson Area Tea Party Executive Board appreciates and values every single patriot who attends our meetings, participates in our forums and events, demonstrates at our rallies, volunteers for various projects, holds our elected representatives accountable, and otherwise supports our mission.

The tremendous successes we have accomplished since our founding on April 15, 2009 are not to the credit of any one individual, but to the tireless, collective efforts of all!

If you are involved in any way with the JATP and uphold our core principles of Personal Liberty with Personal Responsibility, Free Enterprise, Fiscal Responsibility and  Constitutionally Limited Government, you are already a Member!

In addition, we established a Voting Membership which serves several key functions.  The primary function of our Voting Membership is to securely elect leaders to our Executive Board.  On rare occasion, a matter of critical significance may rise to a level that would benefit from a broader vote beyond only those serving on the Executive Board.  Finally, the collection of modest dues generates needed funds to cover our core operational expenses (we do not give money to politicians or PACs).

While Voting Membership is not a requirement of participation in the JATP, the criteria to become a Voting Member is simple and we encourage all of our Members to attain voting capability by:

1) Filling out and submitting an application.

2) Citing the recommendation of one (1) Voting Member in good standing as a sponsor.

3) Paying modest dues at the time of application.

(A sponsor is required for first-time application only, not for renewals.)

Details and guidelines can be found on the Application Form which may be viewed and downloaded for printing via the links on this page.

You may apply for your Voting Membership in-person at our monthly public meetings, or you may print and mail a completed application along with a check payable to the JATP for dues to the address at the bottom of the application.

If you have any questions or if you need to check your current Voting Member status, you may write to our Membership Director at

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