Mike Basile elected as President, others elected to the Executive Board

The Jefferson Area Tea Party (JATP) held its annual election for leadership at its March 24 meeting.

Mike Basile was elected as President.  He has been an active volunteer with the JATP for several years, speaks frequently at public hearings, and was first elected to the Executive Board in 2013.

Mr. Basile succeeds Carole Thorpe, who was elected last March as President for the 2013-2014 term.  She chose to not run for re-election.

Mrs. Thorpe previously served two terms as President during 2010-2012, when the organization was governed by non-elected volunteers before establishing a voting membership.

In addition to stepping down as President, Mrs. Thorpe has also stepped down as Spokesperson and Media Relations Director.  Mrs. Thorpe served in both positions continuously since 2010.  Until further notice, Mr. Basile will assume those duties.

In addition to the election of Mr. Basile, the JATP voting membership cast votes for Terry Cooper and David Kardell to retain their current seats on the Executive Board, and for Jim Moore and Roger Schweikert to be seated for the first time.

Patricia Napoleon (one term, 2013-2014) and Steven Peters (four terms, 2010-2014) did not seek re-election to the Executive Board.  The JATP expresses gratitude to Mrs. Napoleon, Mr. Peters, and Mrs. Thorpe for their service.


The Numbers: Taxes, Spending and Debt; You and Your Federal Government


Federal Budget and Debt numbers are so large they can appear meaningless, below are the federal taxes, spending, and debt broken down per family to make them more comprehensible.  All the figures for income and spending given are for fiscal 2013. The debt figure is current and the household count is from the Census Bureau.

The percentage listed is the percentage of the total federal spending, and figures are rounded to the nearest hundred dollars for simplicity.  Differences between the itemized figures and the totals are due to rounding. Continue reading


Who Is Being Intransigent Now?

By James Bacon, baconsrebellion.com

saslawLet me get this straight. Virginia Democrats in the General Assembly are saying that they will not pass a state budget until they get Medicaid expansion?

“We won’t vote for a budget — and I can’t be emphatic enough — we will not vote for a budget, nor will the governor sign a budget that doesn’t have some form of expansion,” Senate Democratic Leader Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax, said during a brief conference call. So reports the Times-Dispatch.

The only possible conclusion to draw from that statement is that the Dems are willing to shut down state government (and much of local government) in order to get their way. Hmmm… Who does that sound like? Oh, I don’t know… maybe Congressional Republicans in the debt-ceiling debate with President Obama? The same Republicans whom the Dems denounced as maniacally irresponsible and willing to destroy the country in order to save it? Continue reading


A $1.2 Tril Corporate Welfare State Lurks In U.S. Budget

by Stephen Moore at investors.com, Investors Business Daily

If Republicans are going to get truly serious about cutting government spending, they are going to have to snip the umbilical cord from the Treasury to corporate America. You can’t reform welfare programs for the poor until you’ve gotten Daddy Warbucks off the dole. Voters will insist on that — as well they should.
So why hasn’t it happened? Why hasn’t the GOP pledged to end corporate welfare as we know it?  read more


How Big Government Destroys Democracy

by Jim DeMint, nationalinterest.orgcapitol_night_cc_3414In the Netflix series “House of Cards,” a bunch of corrupt politicians collude behind closed doors, using parliamentary tricks to rule against the interests of a population they disdain. Needless to say, the show has been a resounding hit in Washington D.C., where real-life legislators have been using smoke and mirrors for years while ignoring the public interest. continued

FINAL Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing to be held Wednesday!


 FINAL Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing to be held this Wednesday!

 BE THERE to stand in silent support or speak yourself!

 The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will conduct its FINAL public hearing to receive input about the final draft of the County’s proposed Comprehensive Plan this Wednesday, March 12 at 6:00 p.m. in Lane Auditorium (2nd floor, Albemarle County Office Building, 401 Mc Intire Road). Continue reading