The 3rd Pros and Cons of Economic Development Forum


The Jefferson Area Tea Party is hosting its third set of presentations in a series entitled “The Pros and Cons of Economic Development in Albemarle County” on Thursday evening, November 20 from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. in Lane Auditorium – in the Albemarle County Office Building.

Local business owners will show how road projects have damaged their livelihood and how future losses can be avoided.

Projects include the Jefferson Park Avenue bridge replacement, the widening of McIntire Road at the Route 250 Bypass, and the upcoming Route 29/Rio Road interchange.

For further information contact Terry Cooper at (434) 202-8065



Updated: 2013 Federal Income Tax Brackets And Marginal Rates


January 5, 2013 Luke Landes,

When you file your federal income tax return before April 2013, you’re filing your 2012 taxes, and the 2012 income tax brackets define the amount of tax you owe to the government before credits and after-tax adjustments. The first paycheck or consultancy fee you earn in 2013 falls under new rules, however. The 2013 income tax brackets apply to money you earn during that year, although you may not notice how this affects you until you file your income taxes in early 2014. If you pay estimated taxes throughout the year, you may be more aware of the change in brackets.

Now that Congress has passed a new law to avoid the fiscal cliff, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, we have a better picture of the marginal tax rates for 2013 ahead of the official announcement from the IRS. With the changes to the top tax bracket set by the law and the remaining brackets adjusted by inflation with help from The Tax Foundation, this article includes the likely tax scenario. Continue reading


Our Answer to the Obama Fiscal Cliff



1. Pro-growth tax policy in place 2013 and beyond
2. Get rid of burdensome regulations for 2013 and beyond
3. Rely on private sector growth to provide a) jobs and b) individual charity for the loss of government welfare in 2013 and beyond.

Required steps to that goal:

1) We must prevent any deal between Boehner and the President before December 31, unless the three conditions above are met. Continue reading