ALERT: "Tea Party Majority" fundraising calls may not help our cause much.

I received a very professional call yesterday raising funds for the “Tea Party Majority.”  They asked for $100 membership fee.  When asked, they identified themselves as Infocision Management Corp and the membership offer was reduced to $50.  Since I’m not familiar with the TPM I refused and did a quick lookup.

The Tea Party Majority has a web site but it doesn’t identify who they are and I could not find a business registration for them in D.C., but they might be registered elsewhere.

Infocision Management Corp is registered in Akron Ohio.  According to, for 2016 they gave $3.5 million to five different conservative groups.  However, a quick peek at two of the groups, such as the “Tea Party Majority Fund”, shows that about 90% of the funds received were used to pay for fund raising.  And who are their fundraisers? Infocision Management Corp!

I believe this is legal but appears to primarily benefit the fund raisers.  This may be similar to the Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, and Our Country Deserves Better PAC that have similar financials according to The Daily Caller.

So be careful out there!  One of the costs of a free market is to beware of unethical businesses.

Jim Moore